2013 / Fiction / 17 minutes / HDCAM / Turkish with English subtitles

Director: Nadim Güç
Producer: Bediha Güç, Nadim Güç
Screenwriter: Nadim Güç
Director of Photography: Alper Derli
Cast: Can Kolukısa, Ulaş Bahadır, Vedat Güney, Nebil Sayın, Çetin Özkan, Ahmet Bilgin, Fahri Çiftçi, Yavuz Çetin, Nuray Erkol


Nadim Güç

Nadim Güç graduated from Radio Television and Cinema Department of Gazi University’s Faculty of Communication. Following Four Walls Sarajevo, The Journey is the second short film of the director, which received the support of Ministry of Culture. He is currently living in Istanbul.

Synopsis :

The story of Uncle Derviş’s return, who migrated to Istanbul from his village years ago.

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