2013 / Fiction / 15 minutes / HDCAM / Turkish with English subtitles

Director: Buğra Dedeoğlu
Producer: Buğra Dedeoğlu, Serkan Kaptan
Screenwriter: Buğra Dedeoğlu
Director of Photography: Orçun Özkılınç
Cast/Oyuncular: Salih Kalyon, Ayşe Selen, Hüseyin Yağız Durmaz, Mutlu Bağcı


Buğra Dedeoğlu

Buğra Dedeoğlu became involved in theater both as an actor and as a director during his high school years. While studying communication in Izmir, he started to make short films including Brothers Separated by the Sea which was screened in many festivals. He worked in the production of Golden Bear nominee Our Grand Despair and he was one of the editors of Golden Palm winner Silence.

Sinopsis :

Cyprus war veteran’s shadow that caused him to get shot during wartime abandons him. His grandson suggests Şeref to chase after it.

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