2014 / Fiction / 11 minutes / HDCAM / Turkish with English subtitles

Director: Aksel Bonfil
Producer: Aksel Bonfil, Oğuzhan Akalın
Screenwriter: Aksel Bonfil
Director of Photography: Burak Serin
Cast: Rıza Sönmez, İlkyaz Kocatepe, Cansu Korkmaz, Turan Kaya, Arzu Suriçi, Kahraman Sivri


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.51.38 ÖS

Aksel Bonfil graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University Film & TV department. He also attended theater classes focusing on directing, writing and acting outside the school. Bonfil gained experience in all stages of production and post-production via internships. Having attended national and international short film festivals and received awards, he continues his studies in acting, writing and directing.

Synopsis :

Deniz and Duru, two girls in high school react strongly when the teacher warns Deniz for having a masculine haircut. Now, they have to face the consequences.

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