2013 / Fiction / 17 minutes / HDCAM / Turkish with English subtitles

Director: Çiğdem Topaloğlu
Producer: Çiğdem Topaloğlu, Gözde Sukmenyıldız, Bülent Ekuklu
Co-producer Denise Gelis
Screenwriter: Çiğdem Topaloğlu, Gözde Sukmenyıldız
Director of Photography: Orçun Özkılınç
Cast: Toron Karacaoğlu, Beyza Şekerci, Zerrin Nişancı, Mehmet Sönmez, Coşkun Özmeriç, Elif Atakan, Canan Okan, Yıldız Hızlı


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Çiğdem Topaloğlu studied Management at Middle East Technical University. Following her graduation she worked in different positions, mainly in the sales and marketing departments of multinational companies operating in the automotive sector. Topaloğlu, who attended many courses, workshops, seminars in Turkey and abroad about filmmaking in the last ten years, founded her own production company Lavanta Film in 2008.
Sinopsis :

“Nothing is as it seems…”
Having lost his wife, retired judge Avni lives alone. He can rarely see his only daughter Selma, who lives in another city. One night Avni calls his daughter to ask her to visit him over the weekend. Before Selma’s visit, Avni passes away. Following his burial, some unexpected events make Selma realize the cause of her father’s death. Uncle Avni’s life and death are not as they seem.

  • Avni Amca_Uncle Avni_1
  • Avni Amca_Uncle Avni_2
  • Avni Amca_Uncle Avni_3
  • Avni Amca_Uncle Avni_4
  • Avni Amca_Uncle Avni_5
  • Uncle Avni_6

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